General Information About Jui Jitsu

Jiu-Jitsu is a Brazilian martial art and sport that teaches small-bodied people to defend themselves from attack using special techniques. It is quite unique from other fighting styles because the practitioner uses their back.

History of Jiu-jitsu

It began in North India in the 17th century. The monks were trying to spread Buddhism and had to learn how to defend themselves along the way.

Jiu-Jitsu techniques

The techniques are relatively simple and can be used for a long time.klzkssksksks

• Guard replacement with hip escape – It is the first thing you learn. You move your hips on the ground to escape.

• Scissor sweep – You are taught how to break the balance of the opponent. This sweep involves moving your hips at a particular angle and controlling your grips. The lower part of the body is used most in this style.

• Triangle choke from guard – In this style, the practitioner uses the legs to choke the attacker. However, attacking your opponent when they have a strong defense is ineffective.

• Cross collar choke from guard – It teaches one to use a firm grip on the opponent’s head to make them break their posture.

• Bridge and roll escape – It involves the use of thighs and the lower back to push the opponent off you.

• Elbow to knee escape – In this technique, you learn to use your arms as a frame and to move your hips. You also learn how to bridge thus creating space.

• Straight armlock from mount – It teaches one to apply force onto the opponent’s elbow and get them to submit.

• Americana lock – It involves the use of two limbs against an opponent’s limb.

• Rear naked choke – It is generally the best technique. It is mainly used against larger opponents for self-defense. It involves choking the opponent using your arms.

• Hip bump sweep – It involves the use of hips to sweep instead of arms. You can break the posture of your opponent in closed guard.

Jiu Jitsu belts

These belts show the progress of the students as well as rewarding those who have mastered the skill. An adult student is likely to move a grade higher every three months. The white belt is the lowest grade while the black belt is the highest grade. Many people tend to give up along the way; most of them reach up to the green, yellow or orange belt. Getting the brown belt may take as long as two years. Regular training and commitment is the only way to get up to the black belt.

Jiu Jitsu cost

lkaksskskskThe cost of learning jiu-jitsu varies. One needs to look for a school that has good coaching and resources to facilitate training. Hence, it important for one to do their research well, visit the gyms and find out whether they have what they need. If one want to do the sport competitively they need to look for a gym that will train towards this opportunity.…


Medicinal and Psychological Effects Of Kratom with Marijuana

Cannabis and kratom have been used for many years. However, it is only until recently in our studies that the two have been combined for a synergy in the medical world. The two compounds have been used in the recent past, and there is no report of the adverse effects of the consequences of the two components individually or the effects of the two elements combined. 

Medicinal effects and synergy


The combination of Kratom and weed has many therapeutic advantages that surpass just mood enhancement. The combination of the two compounds has a great synergy especially to patients who are experiencing chronic pain.

Pain relief

One of the main advantages of the two compounds is pain relief. Notably, both kratom and marijuana single handily can relieve pain. Thus if they are combined the results are expected to be great and below are some ailments that they help ease the pain.

  • Endometriosis
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Knee pain
  • Chronic back pain
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Physical injuries

This is but examples of illnesses that can be treated with a combination of the two marijuana and kratom. However, the list is endless.

How it works

To understand why the combination of the two is sufficient you have to understand how the two works.On One has to understand the effects of the two components to the body and brain.

Kratom as a pain reliever has two compounds that are mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine the two are alkaloids. The two alkaloids work like the body’s endorphins which are responsible for relieving the body of pain.The two alkaloids focus on the body’s delta and mu opioid receptors, thus dampening the pain signal that is sent from the brain to the particular body part.If the dosage is correct, the medicine can work in an hour by reducing the pain from strong to mild.

Pain relief

hgghghghdsdsdsewewCannabis is unique when it comes to pain relief as compared to other pain killers. Cannabis as a plant has a wide variety of alkaloid strains. The components that are found in marijuana work efficiently attacking pain in many ways. Cannabis decreases pain sensitivity just like kratom would do.

However, unlike kratom cannabis increases the body’s tolerance to pain. Cannabis has a property that interrupts the flow of pain by disassociating the patient from present pain symptoms.The effects are even greater when you use weed and Kratom together. When the two substances are used together, the body pain tolerance is increased, and also the pain perception is taken down altogether.