Volbella Injectible Dermal Filler Insights

dregthgfcvxczsLip procedures have come from far. Looking back at some of the things people used to put or smear on their lips, it’s hard to control laughter. The earlier lip augmentation products include herbs as well as some soil. Whether these products worked or are a question for another day.Today, the lip augmentation industry has made major strides in the right direction. There are injectables as well as surgical lip procedure. The latest injectable product is Volbella. Volbella is a new and approved injectable filler that promises smooth, luscious, kissable, full lips in a single treatment. In fact, in the dermal filler industry, there’s none like the newly launched Volbella. With Volbella you’re guaranteed of a fresher and more enticing full bee-stung lips at a fraction of what a traditional dermal fillers costs.

Here are some valuable facts about Volbella


Volbella is formulated majorly with Vycross. Vycross is a propriety filler technology that blends various molecular weights of the hyaluronic acid. This versatile filler is guaranteed to last a year. This duration is significantly longer than other lip augmentation products available currently in the market.

Widely available

Although product gained FDA’s approval somewhere in June, it was officially embraced by the medical fraternity including the plastic as well as dermatologists. Today, volbella is available in almost every hospital and pharmacy. This shortage that was experienced earlier during its introduction is now out of the question. Thanks to the efficient team working day and night to make the product available.

Top industry surgeons backing

Most industry expert might differ on a lot of issues, but one thing that they all concur with is that volbella is the best lips augmentation product currently available. It’s preferred when enhancing the lips shape and to replenish the volume loss without looking fake. It’s also the best when it comes to augmenting the lips and treating the lines around the mouth for patients who are specific about quality and want very smooth, hydrated, natural lips with a youthful look. With volbella, there isn’t duck-lip look.

Volbella doesn’t register any patient’s bruise

er4tgrfdvsSince its introduction, volbella has never bruised any patient. Also, the swelling occasioned is very minimal. This is a record that even the predecessor liposuctions never attained. Volbella os also used by top doctors in some non-label ways. These includes treating tear trough and under eye grooves. Additionally, Volbella is used to clear fine lines in necklines, crow’s feet areas as well as earlobe rejuvenation. Surprisingly, it accomplishes all these work excellently.

Crystal clear difference with other injectibles

Compared with Boletero or Restylane Silk, Volabella has a very lower concentration of(HA) hyaluronic acid.This naturally means that it pulls significantly less water to itself. This, reduced or milder swelling after Botox injection. Indeed, it’s just like any other injectables but with an incredible special effect. No wonder, the medical fraternity experts call it airbrushing with filler or the Magic Eraser.

Recovery time

Normally, when applying injectable fillers on the skin, bruising mist be registered. With Volbella, this has never happened. Unlike other injectables that the swelling must be monitored, Volbella os unique in that after administration, only ice is applied, covered slightly and off the patient go.…